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Join Team HKP for Habitat

Posted June 1st, 2021 by Julie Blazek

The pandemic has affected many of our annual activities, including volunteer events that used to dot the calendar each year.  One of my favorites is the Women Build Week for Habitat for Humanity.  My wife and I have been participating since our daughter, Lena, was accepted into the program and started building her own home for her and her daughter.

This past year there wasn’t the usual group of women friends getting together on site, or our HKP Architects crew gathering to spend the day hammering nails or painting railings, but I was able to partake in a quiet, wonderfully peaceful day helping one family put the finishing touches on their new home.

It wasn’t just any family.  It was Beto and Cruz, who had helped on the homes in Lena’s neighborhood years earlier.  They were finally finishing their own home, and all that was left to do that beautiful sunny day was install the last of the sod lawn and spread the last of the gravel for the driveway.

I felt honored to be a microscopic part of their journey towards homeownership.  Especially knowing how much is has meant to my daughter and granddaughter in building their pride, security, financial stability, and community.  Thank you, Beto and Cruz, and the Habitat family, for continuing to provide opportunities for us to engage and share in the wonder of this organization.

Ican’t wait until Women Build Week 2021, where we can hopefully bring a whole crew together to make dreams come true.  In the meantime, HKP Architects has set a goal of raising $5,000 for Habitat for Humanity of Skagit County’s Raise the Roof virtual Campaign, so get on line here and help us reach our goal.  Help make a difference!