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How to Update Your Henry Klein Home

Posted October 8th, 2018 by HKP Architects

From time to time a Henry Klein home comes on the market. Owning a Henry Klein home is very special. Most of the homes designed by our firm’s founder have only had a single owner over the years. The design of these homes express the character of the northwest, particularly the Skagit Valley.

“For inspiration I sought no more than the daily occurrences of life; and my only aim was, and still is, to give my clients a building which satisfies their needs.” – Henry Klein

Perhaps you are interested in purchasing one or have already made the great decision to do so? You may be wondering how best to renovate your new home to fit a modern family while not losing its unique character.

One thing to consider is the role of the kitchen and how this has changed over time. We suggest looking at ways to open up the kitchen so that there’s a visual connection with the adjacent rooms and the activities happening in them. The parents cooking in the kitchen will be able to see young children in one room and teenagers in another. You’ll still have the division of space that articulates the boundaries of each room but also create these ‘visual corridors’ that connect the family in these individual spaces. It’s not just about the kitchen! You should look for other ways to open up the rooms and even rearrange spaces so that they work better for your family.

In addition to reworking the flow of the home and opening up spaces, you should think about ways to make your Henry Klein home more energy efficient without ruining what makes it special. We suggest adding roof insulation while preserving the eave line. Our method to do this involves cutting the eave rafter profile back so that the exterior line is light and the bulky insulation sits back behind it.

It’s important to add insulation to the exterior walls if possible and remember to check your heating system to see if it is as efficient as it can be. If you decide to add on to your home, think about using radiant heat in the new parts of your home.

Another energy efficient update you can make to your home is to update your windows. This is actually a simple update to make. What you need to do is to remove the wooden stops around the glass plate, and replace with insulated glass.

A key to a sensitive renovation is to be mindful of materials. You may have noticed the particular use of slatted wood in your Henry Klein home. There’s a lovely filtering effect from that is created from these wooden slats. We also sug­gest you use ma­te­ri­als na­tive to the lo­cal area to keep your ma­te­r­ial choices in line with the orig­i­nal home.

By following these recommendations, you’ll be able to update your home yet keep the special qualities that make your home unique. If you’d like to discuss specific ideas for your home, please contact us.