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HKP Introduces Master Planning Service For Homeowners

Posted October 5th, 2020 by HKP Architects

HKP residential masterplanning

A common concern for homeowners that wish to remodel their home is just how challenging it can be—logistically, financially, and even emotionally. There are many factors to consider when embarking on a home renovation, however, the three most impactful are: 


  1. Where will you live during construction? 
  2. How can you afford the total cost of the changes you desire to make? 
  3. Will you run into setbacks like needing to upgrade your furnace before beginning your remodel?


If you are considering a home remodel but are concerned about the seemingly prohibitive cost or unforeseen and undesirable surprises that may occur, there is an alternative option to mitigate these worries. Our recommendation for these issues is often to consider master planning, or phasing out your project in a financially and logistically strategic way. That way, you can plan the work needed in a way that makes sense for both your living and financial situation (and state of mind).


What is Master Planning for Homes?


Master Planning for homes involves taking a long-range view of all of the improvements you would like to complete with your house and plan them all together, even if all of the work won’t be accomplished in one construction project. It helps to prioritize projects, reduce or eliminate redundant work, and plan ahead for future work. It gives owners a sense of what the final home will look like when all the projects are completed and, most of all, helps to budget and plan along the way.


We know that remodeling your whole house at once can be extremely challenging. So, why not consider master planning for the entire remodel now and then plan the work in a way that makes sense for both your living and financial situation?


What are the benefits of Master Planning for Homes?


At HKP Architects, we help homeowners evaluate all of their needs for their house remodels and help plan for those changes as phased work, based on budget, timing and other unique conditions. 


This process allows you to address the priority projects and enjoy long-desired upgrades when the entire project might not be a reality. It also helps to introduce first-time renovators to the process at a smaller scale, and that can be helpful because it can be very stressful and time consuming if you haven’t been through it before.


Another benefit can be developing a lasting relationship with a contractor that spans over several years and projects. This can also be very advantageous in fitting into their schedule for repairs, small fixes and even larger future projects.


Depending on the type of work, the entire project may be permitted all at once, even if you are only going to complete a small portion now. Most jurisdictions will give you three or more years to complete all the work without requiring a new permit.


And, if you end up planning your perfect remodel project and it turns out you can afford to do everything faster than expected, we can help you realize the entire project at once for maximum efficiency. Whatever your needs are, we can help create a holistic vision, coordinate different phases of work, and help you develop a clear path to completing your vision.

HKP Residential Masterplan drawing

What do you need to start?


All you need is a pretty good idea of what things you would like to accomplish with your overall house remodel. It helps if you can gather images of the types of spaces, products, or materials that you like. It is also good to have an idea of your time, schedule, and budget. Your budget could be separated into phases, such as “we have $100,000 to spend now, and might have another $150,000 in 3 years”.


What happens afterwards?


You are free to use the plans in any way you choose to after our work is complete. We can help you develop any portion of the work for construction. No matter how you plan to proceed, knowing that you have considered the whole project from the very beginning will provide peace of mind and strategic economic benefits.


What Does Master Planning for Homes Cost?


Master Planning for Homes starts at $12,500, however you should discuss your unique project needs with our team to get accurate project fees. We’ve created a downloadable fact sheet for you that includes a project cost breakdown. Click below to download your copy. 


Click here to download our Master Planning for Homes Fact Sheet.


Want to finally get that long-awaited home remodel planning started? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.