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HKP Architects included in the AIA’s Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity

Posted August 13th, 2021 by Julie Blazek

The AIA’s Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity has been updated and is now released to the public.  HKP’s case study about dealing with a building fire is now included.  Click the link below for more!>

“I can’t thank you enough for talking to me about your fire experience. Stories and advice like yours bring a unique richness to the guide and help readers connect with the material.

The new Guide will be shared at tonight’s A’21 community night in celebration of the day’s theme “Resilient Practice.” We hope you’ll also share this new resource far and wide. The update features:

*   a refined Business Continuity Planning Process that includes a resource inventory, business impact analysis, recovery strategies and solutions, risk assessment, and risk treatment plan;
*   updated worksheets;
*   new interactive workbooks;
*   new case studies; and
*   additional checklist items in the guide’s section on preparing for and responding to a disruption

Thank you again for your invaluable contributions. Firms across the country will benefit from your thoughtful lessons learned.”

Lindsay Brugger, AIA, CPHC
Sr. Manager, Resilient Communities