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Remodeling your whole house at once can be extremely challenging—logistically, financially, and even emotionally. You may need to consider where you might live temporarily during the construction phase, or perhaps the cost of the changes you want to make are prohibitive to take on all at once. Maybe you are afraid of taking on one piece of the work and not seeing the hidden connections to other phases of the project. Or perhaps you are worried that you might have to redo an earlier project, or find out that upgrading your furnace should have been the first thing you tackled. Our recommendation for these issues is often to consider master planning, or phasing out your project in a financially and logistically strategic way. That way, you can plan the work needed in a way that makes sense for both your living and financial situation (and state of mind). At HKP Architects, we help owners evaluate all of their needs for their house remodels and help plan for those changes as phased work based on budget, timing and other unique conditions. Master Planning the entire project helps to evaluate what whole-house systems can or need to be addressed early in the remodel and what things can be put off until later phases.

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