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Western Washington University
Maintenance Building
Alteration of Campus
Feasibility Study
Mathes Hall
Alteration of Campus
Nash Hall
Technical Theatre
Music-Auditorium Addition
Performing Theatre
Sprinkler System Study
Old Main Renovations
The Evergreen State College
Fine Arts Building
Sustainable Agriculture Lab
University of Washington
Marine Lab Dormitories, Friday Harbor
Lab #7, Friday Harbor
Marine Laboratory #8, Friday Harbor
Washington State University
Laboratory Building for Northwest WA Research & Extension Unit
Machine Storage Building for Northwest WA Research & Extension Unit
Allmendinger Conference Center
Todd Hall Addition
Todd Hall Renewal
Veterans Memorial
Skagit Valley College,
Mount Vernon
Skagit Valley Junior College – Alteration
Skagit Valley Junior College – Library Alteration
Welding Shop Renovation
Library Addition Norwood Cole Library
Welding Shop Addition
Restroom Remodel
Graphic Art Re-roof
Library Pavilion
Business Resource Center
Hodson Hall Remodel
Window & Roof Replacement
Campus Master Plan
Fascia Repair
Tennis Courts
Academic Technology Building
Parker House ADA Retrofit
Distance Education Building
Update Campus Master Plan
Food Services Renovation
Science Building Predesign
Gym-Hodson Re-roof
Weight Room Addition
Campus Center Building Remodel
Administration Annex Remodel
Administration Annex Reroof
Tarro Theatre Remodel
Tennis Court Roof
Tennis Court East Wall and Wind Fencing
McIntyre Hall Additions
Skagit Valley College,
Oak Harbor
Technical Building Re-roof
Oak Hall Pre-Design
Oak Hall
Old Main Window Replacement
Old Main Elevator
Campus Master Plan
Old Main Restroom Remodel
Skagit Valley College,
Friday Harbor
San Juan Center Repairs
Bellingham Technical College
Buildings T & U Consolidated Remodel
Buildings G & I Re-Roof
Haskell Center
Building Z Remodel
Building E Remodel
Campus Sidewalk Improvements
Technology Center PRR
Boiler Replacement
Building B Addition and Remodel
Buildings C, D, E, Reroof
Campus Security System
Building G Addition
Fire Protection Improvements
Building B Clerestory/ Roof Renovation
Master Planning
Haskell Center
McArdle Center
Welding/Auto Collision Repair Technology Building, CBR
Building F, HVAC Renovation
Weld/Auto, Predesign
Building G Repairs
Storm Water Treatment
Building E Surgery Technology Lab
Stormwater Treatment Hazard Mitigation Grant Proposal
Building S HVAC Study and Survey
Biodiesel Pilot Plant Study
Building A Renovation
Library IT Pre-design (Campus Center)
Bookstore Study
Portable R Relocation (Bookstore)
David and Joyce Morse Center
Construction Pavilion
Building G Conference Room Remodel
Dental Lab CBR
Campus Center
Dental Lab CBR
College Services Remodel
Perry Center for Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences